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Or say "Alexa, enable my dayTime"

Day time will tell you the time and day of week given a date, great for finding what day someone's birthdate falls on!

Day time will tell you the time for eastern region as well as tell you the day of week a given date falls on. For example, after opening day time say &quot;what day falls on December 21st 2017 &quot; and day time will respond with the day of the week. Go ahead and try it!<br/><br/>***Results may vary, for serious and emergency situations please double check another source, thank you!***

Invocation Name

day time

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open day time for the time right now
Alexa, open day time and day of August 1st 2017
Alexa, ask day time for what day falls on December 1st 2017

Release Date

August 7th 2017