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Or say "Alexa, enable metaphacts"

The skill allows to answer factual questions against the Wikidata Knowledge Graph.

The skill allows to retrieve facts about any kind of entity or concept, such as persons, places, things. <br/>It uses Wikidata as a knowledge base, which captures the knowledge of the WIkipedia in structured form, thus allowing to query it like a database. <br/>You can ask factual questions about any entities and their properties described in Wikidata. These factual questions may follow the general form of:<br/>What is the {property} of {enitity}?<br/><br/>Specific examples of such questions are:<br/><br/>What is the capital of Poland?<br/>Who is the president of Liberia?<br/>What is the population of Munich?<br/>What is the headquarters location of Apple?<br/>What is the birthdate of Barack Obama? <br/>Who is the author of Harry Potter?<br/>What is the musical instrument of Keith Richards?<br/>What is the license of Linux?<br/>Who is the architect of the Eiffel Tower?<br/>Who is the prime minister of Japan?<br/><br/>Please note that the skill relies on Wikidata as a knowledge base: if the corresponding property is not available in Wikidata or the entity is not correctly retrieved from the search index, it may not be able to provide an answer.

Invocation Name

wiki data

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Wiki data, What is the birthdate of Barack Obama?
Alexa, ask Wiki data, Who is the prime minister of Japan?
Alexa, ask Wiki data, What is the capital of Poland?

Release Date

August 5th 2017