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mediola SmartHome

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Or say "Alexa, enable mediola SmartHome"

mediola Smart Home skill

Connect your mediola system to Alexa and control your AIO CREATOR NEO or IQONTROL connected devices by voice.<br/><br/>Requirements for usage with IQONTROL:<br/>- AIO GATEWAY V5<br/>- activated mediola Cloud Services account<br/><br/>Requirements for usage with NEO:<br/>- AIO GATEWAY V5 Plus or NEO Server <br/>- activated mediola Cloud Services account<br/><br/>To control your devices use the following commands:<br/><br/>Light:<br/> - Alexa, turn on kitchen light<br/> - Alexa, turn off kitchen light<br/> - Alexa, set kitchen light to 42 percent<br/><br/>Thermostat:<br/> - Alexa, set kitchen thermostat to 23 degrees<br/> <br/>Blinds:<br/> - Alexa, set kitchen blind to 32 percent<br/><br/>Macro/ Scene:<br/> - Alexa, turn on coming home

Invocation Name

Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on bedroom light
Alexa, set kitchen to 23 degrees
Alexa, turn on coming home

Release Date

May 15th 2017