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Or say "Alexa, enable leedarson"

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Say goodbye to fumbling with thelight switch or doorlock when you walk into a dark house with<br/>your hands full. ALexa makes it easier than ever to control your leedarson compatible lights, outlets,,switches, locks, and thermostats.<br/>Using Leedarson with Alexa is a flexible, convenient way to control your smart products. Here are some<br/>examples to get started:<br/>&quot;Alexa, is the front door Locked?&quot;<br/>&quot;Alexa, Lock the front door&quot;<br/>&quot;Alexa,turn on the downstairslamp.&quot; <br/>&quot;Alexa, setliving roomlight to 50%.&quot;<br/>You can aLso use ALexa to control Leedarson Shortcuts that incLude only Leedarson-compatible lighting<br/>products. For example, say&ldquo;Alexa, turn on Good Moming&quot; and Alexa will tum on all the lights in your bedroom while you're still cozy in bed.<br/>Note: ln orderto use Amazon Alexa with Leedarson-<br/>compatible products, you'll need a Leedarson account. Some products require the Leedarson Hub or Leedarson Hub<br/>2. From there getting started is easy:<br/>Some products require the Leedarson Hub . From there, getting started is easy;<br/>1. Connect compatibLe products in the Leedarson app<br/>and set individuaL names for each product<br/>(bedroomlamp, kitchenlight, front door, etc.).<br/>2. Then, link your Leedarson account to Alexa within the<br/>Alexa mobiLe app(Settings&gt; Skills&gt;Type in&amp;<br/>search&quot;Wink&quot; &gt; Select&quot;Leedarson&quot; &gt; SeLect&quot;Enable&quot;.) 3. From there, say&ldquo;Alexa, discover new devices.&quot; This can take up to20 seconds.

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on fan
Alexa, set light to 100 percent
Alexa, brighten kight by 50 percent

Release Date

September 3rd 2017