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Or say "Alexa, enable iHaus Smart Home"

With Alexa and iHaus SmartHome you control your sound systems. lighting, smoke detectors and alarm system as well as a large number of other devices.

Now you can control your SUMITs with Amazon Alexa and iHaus. With this intro we will show you how to connect your Amazon Echo with iHaus.<br/><br/>Requirements:<br/>- You need an iHaus app account. Make sure you have the latest app version.<br/>- One of your smart devices must run the app in 24h mode. We show you how this works in one of our tutorials (German): https://ihaus.de/wissenswertes/24h-modus<br/>- To control scenes via voice command, you need SUMITs in your iHaus app. How this works, you can find here (German): https://ihaus.de/wissenswertes/sumit<br/><br/>Installation:<br/>---------------<br/>1. Open the Amazon Alexa app and search for &quot;iHaus&quot; under skills.<br/>2. Activate the iHaus skill. Now enter your iHaus login. This will connect your app with Alexa.<br/>3. Ask Alexa to discover your devices: &quot;Alexa, discover my devices&quot;. The 24h mode must be enabled in the iHaus app.<br/>4. Alternatively, you can go to &quot;Smart Home&quot; in the Alexa App and click &quot;Discover devices&quot;<br/>5. You will then get a response how many devices (SUMITs) were discovered by Alexa.<br/><br/>How to use:<br/>----------------<br/>- Use simple names for your SUMITs to make sure Alexa understands them well.<br/><br/>For questions send us an email to support@ihaus.de

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Alexa, turn on "Good Morning"

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April 12th 2017