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Alexa plays hypnotherapy recordings by British Clinical Hypnotist Barry Thain. Listen tonight, fall fast asleep and wake up with choices.

I'm Barry Thain. I'm a Clinical Hypnotist with more than 20 years of experience in private practice, including eight years with the National Health Service. I have treated thousands of people from all over the world, for a wide range of physiological and psychological issues, from Acne to Zenophobia and all points in between. Therapeutic hypnotism is been done face to face when your specific circumstances can be accommodated. Skype sessions (Skypnosis) can also be very effective. I have recorded some hypnotherapy protocols that you can experience with this Alexa App in your home, for when personal therapy isn’t possible. Please contact me if you want to discuss how I might otherwise be able to help you. Please e-mail bt@mindsci-clinic.com or call +44 (0)20 8948 2439 or +44 (0)7788 130082 with any suggestions to improve this Alexa service, or to discuss your individual needs. You can say "Alexa ask hypno therapist for help" to get a list of commands.

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hypno therapist

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Alexa, ask hypno therapist to play a session
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October 5th 2016