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flight level

O. Schafer

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Or say "Alexa, enable flight level"

Ever wondered where that aircraft above is heading to? Just ask flight level what's above...

flight level uses open source ADS-B data to provide information on aircraft in the skies above the US. You can ask flight level the standards &quot;What's above me?&quot;, or provide a more specific search radius. Should your interests lie more with rotorcraft, ask flight level to check if there are any helicopters around instead.<br/><br/>Note that not all aircraft in the US are equipped with ADS-B transponders. Aircraft which do not have a ADS-B transponder don't appear in the database and therefore sadly can't be discovered by this Alexa skill.<br/><br/>Please direct feedback, questions, and ideas to @oscarschafer28<br/><br/>----------------------------<br/>Credits:<br/>Flight data provided by ADSBexchange, http://www.ADSBexchange.com

Invocation Name

flight level

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask flight level to check what's above me right now
Alexa, open flight level and check if are there any helicopters around
Alexa, open flight level and check if there are any aircraft within 20 miles

Release Date

June 17th 2017