The AskENV skill is designed for use by Climate Automation Systems’ customers that licensed ENV to control their HVAC and radiant mechanical systems.

<br> env is a DDC/HVAC system. It monitors, manages, and controls all of the mechanical systems in a home or commercial building by monitoring temperatures throughout the building and making adjustments in the mechanical room as required. env is ideally suited to homes that heat and/or cool with radiant floors. env reduces energy consumption while maintaining comfort. <br> The env skill adds voice commands to env. Among other things, these commands allow you to change a zone or zone group’s target temperatures, set the heat/cool/auto modes, execute env macros, determine zone status, get outdoor temperature, etc. <br> In order to install and use the env skill, you must do the following:<br><br> • Ask your vendor if you have licensed the ENV Request Server. If not, you will need to acquire a license key from the vendor. <br><br> • Use the ENV Configurator to create a Request Server User Access code. Use reasonable care in defining that code, as you would in creating a password, so as to prevent unauthorized access to your ENV system. <br><br> • Determine your ENV Customer Number. It is displayed on all of your env browser screens. <br><br> • Click on the “Enable” button in the upper right hand corner of this page. <br><br> • You will see the Activation screen into which you will enter your env Customer Number, Name, Email address, and User Access Code. <br><br> • After you have successfully entered the above information click on the Submit button. You should see the message “Your env skill was successfully linked.” <br><br> Once you have successfully installed the env skill you should be able to say: <br><br> • Alexa, ask envy to heat the kitchen <br> • Alexa, ask envy to raise the temperature in the master bedroom<br> • Alexa, ask envy to set the target temperature in the living room to 72 degrees <br> • Alexa, tell envy to run the macro vacation <br><br> For a complete list of suggested Zone and Macro naming conventions, and examples of all of the env queries (utterances) you can say, go to the View menu on the ENV Browser and select “How to Use Alexa”. <br><br> Disclaimer: This skill may not be suitable for all ages.

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, Ask envy to heat the kitchen
Alexa, Ask envy to increase the temperature in the kitchen
Alexa, Ask envy to change the setpoint in the kitchen to 68 degrees

Release Date

September 2nd 2016