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duck hunter


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Or say "Alexa, enable duck hunter"

Duck hunter shooting game player is having 5 bullet

To Start the game say "Duck hunter" Say Duck hunter to begin game and know how to play. Say "help" to more information and know about game Game is will be over when user say "i quit" or when there is 0 bullet left in your gun Any time user can know about current kill score and number of bullet remaining by saying my current score. There are four direction north,east,west,south,you can fire in any direction for example say " fire in west" . During game you can check your ammunition by saying " my score" If duck is present in your fired direction your score will plus else, you will lose one bullet. This skill is not written by Merriam-Webster so errors or omissions are probably my own.

Invocation Name

duck hunter

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Duck hunter
Alexa, play duck hunter
Alexa, start duck hunter

Release Date

October 14th 2016