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Or say "Alexa, enable dublin bus"

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This skill is not an official dublin bus publication. It is not sponsored or endorsed by Dublin Bus.<br/><br/>It lets you find out when the next buses are arriving at your stop. To do this, you need to know the number of your bus stop. This is usually a four digit number and is written on the bus stop.<br/><br/>Once you have this, you can set the number for the skill by saying, <br/><br/>Alexa ask dublin bus set stop to number (and then the number)<br/><br/>for example<br/><br/>Alexa ask dublin bus, set stop to number 2188.<br/><br/>Once you've done that, from then on you just need to say<br/><br/>Alexa ask dublin bus, when is my bus due<br/><br/>or <br/><br/>Alexa ask dublin bus, for next buses<br/><br/>By default it gives the next three bus times, but if you want to switch to detailed mode, just say <br/><br/>next bus in detail<br/><br/>The data comes from dublinked.ie and is not in any way affiliated with Dublin Bus.

Invocation Name

dublin bus

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask dublin bus to set my stop to number 2188
when is the next bus
next bus in detail

Release Date

April 18th 2017