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Abhishek Warokar

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The Unofficial devRant Skill!

The Unofficial devRant Alexa Skill.<br/>Enjoy(and relate to) the community's top rants.<br/><br/>~<br/><br/>User<br/>Launch Dev Rant<br/><br/>Alexa<br/>Here's your rant:<br/>Nothing is more permanent than a temporary fix. ... by marps1<br/><br/>~<br/><br/>What is devRant?<br/>devRant is a fun community for developers to share and bond over their successes and frustrations with code, tech, and life as a programmer.<br/><br/>

Invocation Name

dev rant

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open dev rant
Alexa, start dev rant and give me a rant
Alexa, launch dev rant and tell me a rant

Release Date

April 26th 2017