buzz - Alexa Skill


Kevin Adams


Buzz is a single-player game based on the factor counting game fizz buzz. It includes many combinations and difficulty levels.

See how strong your math really is! In Buzz, you and Alexa will alternate counting up from 1. When you start a game, you’ll be given at least one “buzz” number. If your next number is divisible by that buzz number, you should say “buzz” instead. For example, if 3 is a “buzz” number and your next number is 6, you should say “buzz” instead. But, you may have to juggle several “buzz” numbers! For example, if 3 and 6 are both “buzz” numbers and your next number is 12, you should say “buzz buzz” since 12 is divisible by both. To begin, say “new game” and choose your difficulty level. The difficulty affects how many buzz numbers you’ll get and how much to count up by each turn. See if you can work your way up from easy to impossible mode. How far can you get without making a mistake?

Invocation Name

buzz game

Interaction Examples

Alexa open buzz game
Alexa ask buzz game to start a new game on hard
Alexa ask buzz game for help

Release Date

December 3rd 2016