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watch vintage video advice on dating, social etiquette, family and more

Watch vintage educational videos on dating, social etiquette, family, friendship, health, economics, morality, military and civics from the late 40s and 50s. Requires Echo Show.<br/><br/>All films, images and sounds available under a Creative Commons Public Domain License from the Prelinger collection at The Internet Archive.<br/><br/>All icons from the Noun Project. (movie reel by Josue Oquendo + finger scroll by Juraj Sedl&aacute;k).<br/><br/>archive.org + prelinger.com + bondad.fm<br/><br/>alexa@bondad.fm

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vintage video

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Alexa, open Vintage Video
Alexa, ask Vintage Video to Surprise Me
Alexa, Vintage Video

Release Date

November 7th 2017