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TI C2000 MCUs

Gaugan Coders

Or say "Alexa, enable TI C2000 MCUs"

This application gives factual information about the Texas Instruments C2000 microcontrolles

This application is specially developed for Electronics Engineers to get to know more about Texas Instruments C2000 microcontrolles. Alexa reads any one random information about the device when asked for. <br/><br/>All you need to do to activate this skill is say, &quot;Alexa ask Texas Instruments&quot; further continued by &quot;tell me something about C2000 microncontrollers&quot; or &quot;what do you know about C2000 microcontrollers&quot; or simply &quot;C2000&quot;

Invocation Name

texas instruments

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open texas instruments
Alexa ask Texas Instruments about C2000
Alexa, ask texas instruments about C Two Thousand microcontrollers

Release Date

December 5th 2017