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Spoiler reveals random movie endings upon request. Ask for a specific spoiler (like Star Wars) or just get her to spoil a random movie by asking for an ending.

Annoying family member or friend hogging the TV? Get them out of there by threatening to spoil the show or movie's ending with Spoiler! Just say 'Alexa, open movie spoiler' to open the app. You can spoil a specific movie by asking Alexa to ruin the ending of (for example) Planet of the Apes. Or just say 'reveal a movie ending' and have Alexa choose for extra tension and fun. With new movies being added regularly, you can now use Alexa as a wonderful weapon to encourage sharing of the TV!

Invocation Name

movie spoiler

Interaction Examples

Alexa open movie spoiler
Alexa ask movie spoiler to ruin the ending of Planet of the Apes
Alexa ask movie spoiler to reveal a movie ending

Release Date

December 9th 2016