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Say Boom Kids

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Say Boom is a fast-paced word game

Say Boom Kids is an easier version of Say Boom. Say Boom is a fast-paced word game. In this game, you will need to reply with a BOOM at on any number that is a multiple of 7 or contains the digit 7. Stimulate your grey matter in this engaging game!<br/><br/>HOW TO PLAY:<br/>Alexa: &quot;2&quot;<br/>You: &quot;3&quot;<br/>Alexa: &quot;4&quot;<br/>You: &quot;Boom!&quot;<br/>Alexa: &quot;6&quot;<br/>And so on...<br/><br/>FEEDBACK:<br/>If you like the game, please leave a review. If something is wrong or you've had a bad experience, please write us before leaving a negative review at, thank you!<br/><br/>Enjoy playing

Invocation Name

say boom kids

Interaction Examples

Alexa, launch Say Boom Kids
Alexa, start Say Boom Kids
Alexa, open Say Boom Kids

Release Date

April 3rd 2018