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Ocean Waves for Alexa

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Or say "Alexa, enable Ocean Waves for Alexa"

A casual way to connect with a natural sonic environment for relaxation, stress reduction, noise cancellation and listening pleasure.

The swells and textures of nature follow patterns that resonate with the human body through its ability to hear sound.<br/><br/>Ocean Waves for Alexa is a wonderful way to easily immerse yourself in a lush, and relaxing natural sounding sonic environment, anytime!<br/><br/>The swells are specially timed to encourage the body to breathe more slowly and more deeply. The sound spectrum is full and is matched to the powerful release of deep sound energy of the Earth's beautiful shores.<br/><br/>Have access to a comforting sound which has the added benefit of helping to block outside annoying sounds when you are close to your Alexa device.<br/><br/>Enjoy a sonic tribute to one of natures most wonderful experiences, the sound of the ocean's waves anywhere and anytime to feel more refreshed and invigorated.<br/><br/>Simply ask your Alexa device: &quot;Alexa play ocean waves.&quot; to hear this calming and natural experience.<br/><br/>Future versions will have alarm and time setting capabilities.

Invocation Name

ocean waves

Interaction Examples

Alexa play ocean waves
Alexa open ocean waves
Alexa start ocean waves

Release Date

March 16th 2018