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My Connected Car

Laurent Dunys

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Or say "Alexa, enable My Connected Car"

Ask your car (almost) anything... Where are you? How much gas left? Are your lights on? Are you moving? etc.

This Skill allows Xee ( customers the ability to access their connected car data using Alexa.<br/><br/>&bull; Log into the Skill using your Xee Username and Password. <br/><br/>Features;<br/>&bull; Where are you parked?<br/>&bull; How much fuel do you have left?<br/>&bull; How many km do you have in total?<br/>&bull; Are your doors locked?<br/>&bull; Are your lights on?<br/>&bull; Is your engine on?<br/>&bull; Are you moving?<br/><br/>Information:<br/>&bull; The Bot Studio is the only Bot development agency fully dedicated to the automotive, mobility and transportation industries. Please contact us at<br/>&bull; is a leading Voice and Chat apps technology platform. Contact<br/>&bull; To buy a Xee device, go to

Invocation Name

my connected car

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask My Connected Car where are you?
Alexa, ask My Connected Car how much gas is left?
Alexa, ask My Connected Car are your lights off?

Release Date

November 21st 2017