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Or say "Alexa, enable My Chef - Kitchen Assistant by Chefling"

My Chef is developed by Chefling, Inc. It can help you with inventory management, recipe searching, shopping list creation using a human-like interaction.

My Chef is a skill developed by Chefling,Inc, a company who is determined to bring you the future kitchen experience. My Chef allows you to do inventory management, shopping list creating/sharing, and recipe searching. You can activate My Chef by saying “Alexa, open my chef”. Then you can interact with the skill by saying things such as “What protein do I have in the fridge?” “How old is the chicken breast?” “What’s expiring” “Send the shopping list to Mark” etc. <br><br> Notice:<br> My Chef only works well with the mobile APP Chefling. Chefling is a high-rated APP to meet all your kitchen needs, which include shopping list, inventory management and recipe match based on what you have, and yet is very clearly designed, and easy to use. To view your shopping list or choose a recipe, please download APP Chefling. <br><br> Here are some questions you can ask My Chef:<br> What’s in my Pantry/Shopping list?<br> What fruit do I have?<br> How old is shrimp?<br> What’s expiring?<br> Add the expired items to shopping list.<br> Add apples, bananas and milk to my shopping list.<br> Milk is running low.<br> Send my shopping list to Mark.<br> Find me a chicken recipe<br> Share this recipe<br> Send this recipe to my phone<br> Get the cooking steps<br> Email me this recipe<br> <br> Disclaimer: This skill may not be suitable for all ages.

Invocation Name

my chef

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask My Chef what's expiring
Alexa, open My Chef
Alexa, ask My Chef to add the expired items to my shopping list

Release Date

September 23rd 2016