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My Boxing Coach


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The best companion to your boxing workout. Practice your punches with this dynamic boxing skill.

This skill brings a boxing coach to your home! My Boxing Coach enhances your real-life boxing workout with drill-based punching exercises. <br/><br/>These exercises were crafted under the consultation of real-life boxing coaches and are just like the ones you would see in a typical boxing class.<br/><br/>Features:<br/><br/>EASY TO USE<br/>Choose how long you want to work out. Just like in real-life boxing, each exercise is a round, and each round is three minutes long. Just say how many rounds you want to train for and Alexa will take care of the rest.<br/><br/>DYNAMIC CONTENT<br/>No two rounds are the same. The variety and ordering of this skill's punching combinations were fine-tuned with the help of real-life boxing coaches. I listen very closely to feedback, so reach out keep an eye out for new updates!<br/><br/>AN INVIGORATING WORKOUT<br/>You can work out up to 12 rounds in one session! So whether you're a Pro looking to boost your endurance or you're just looking to get a great workout at home, My Boxing Coach will be your go-to routine to a stronger lifestyle!<br/><br/>So get your heavy bag or even work mitts with a partner! A great home boxing experience is just a few words away.

Invocation Name

my boxing coach

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open My Boxing Coach
Alexa, ask My Boxing Coach for twelve rounds of boxing
Alexa, tell My Boxing coach to give me five rounds

Release Date

July 24th 2017