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My Bible Study

Nicholas Williams

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Tool to help members of a home Bible study in Hawthorne, CA memorize key Bible verses.

This skill is designed to help members of a home Bible study based in Hawthorne, CA memorize important Bible verses that have been selected from our discussions. As our study continues, the list of Bible verses will grow and expand. (Currently, we have only studied through the first eight chapters of the Gospel of John.) For initial publication, this skill will simply choose a random verse from our list and read it out loud. As the list of verses grows, we plan to add the ability to request verses by book, date, and sequence. For more details about our group, you can visit our website here:

Invocation Name

my bible study

Interaction Examples

Alexa Open My Bible Study
Alexa, ask My Bible Study to read me a memory verse
Alexa, tell My Bible Study I want a verse

Release Date

December 15th 2016