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Affirmations to build mental resiliency in your life. Take control of you self talk and affirm the kind of positive life you want.

My Affirmations is a skill developed with the go-getter in mind.<br/><br/>If you are the type of person who likes to develop better habits for your life, and stick with these habits, this Skill is for you.<br/><br/>My affirmations was created for the on the go entrepreneur, a young and upcoming professional, and more generally for people who don't settle.<br/><br/>This skill is definitely for you if you walk down the path of high resistance, if you, like many of us, have confidence and certainty that you can achieve greater states of happiness in your life through routine, systems, and hard work.<br/><br/>My Affirmations can be play in the morning, mid day, and in the evening.<br/><br/>Just say, &quot;Alexa, open My Affirmations and ask what are the morning affirmations,&quot; every morning for a consistent reminder of your inner ambitions and larger goals for life.<br/><br/>Or, if you need a quick, mid day refresher, try saying, &quot;Alexa, ask My Affirmations what are the Mid Day affirmations.&quot;<br/><br/>When the day is done, and you are all ready to sleep, invite Alexa to walk alongside you in your journey to achieve success.<br/><br/>Just say, &quot;Alexa, open My Affirmations and ask what are the Evening affirmations.&quot;<br/><br/>You no longer have to fuss with your cell phone to try to and find an MP3 file you recorded of yourself.<br/><br/>With Alexa, staying on top of your affirmation habit in your life is easier than it has ever been.<br/><br/>We always welcome feedback.<br/><br/>Thanks for trying out My Affirmations.<br/><br/>Thank You

Invocation Name

my affirmations

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask My Affirmations what's the morning affirmations
Alexa ask My Affirmations what are the midday affirmations
Alexa ask My Affirmations what are the evening affirmations

Release Date

December 12th 2017