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My Adventure


Or say "Alexa, enable My Adventure"

My Adventure is an interactive adventure game. You can tell Alexa what choices to make as you explore areas, examine items and encounter creatures.

My Adventure is a light-hearted and witty take on the apocalypse. Wander through different locations, examine your surroundings and bash creatures with your trusty brick.<br/><br/>You can currently explore the store, bus stop, and beach. Examining your surroundings and specific objects like the can of beans, used tools, and ocean is half the fun. Through elaborate stories and imagery the world begins to grow around you. <br/><br/>Our developers have done there best to lead you through this adventure. However, the game is not linear. You can choose to battle, explore and travel. Here is a list of useful commands<br/><br/>Go to the [store, beach, or bus stop]<br/>Purchased the baseball bat<br/>Examine the [billboard, sand, ocean, sidewalk, etc ]<br/>Backpack<br/>Eat an apple<br/>Suggestion<br/>Describe the surroundings<br/>Status<br/><br/>List Enemies<br/>Attack the [zombie kid, mom, lifeguard, or shark]<br/>Run<br/><br/>If you like this game please leave a review. More locations and abilities will be added based on your feedback.

Invocation Name

my adventure

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Start My Adventure
Examine the used tools
Go to the Beach

Release Date

June 17th 2017