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Murali's General Quiz

Murali Dasari

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Or say "Alexa, enable Murali's General Quiz"

Test knowledge about USA History as a quiz

This game is to know about USA history.<br /><br />To open the quiz, just say<br />&quot;general quiz&quot;<br /><br />To start the game just say<br />&quot;Start game&quot;<br /><br />To stop the game just say<br />&quot;Stop game&quot;<br /><br />Once Alexa ask you a question, answer like below<br />&quot;the answer is one&quot;<br />&quot;one&quot;<br />&quot;is it one&quot;<br /><br />if you don't know the answer just say<br />&quot;don't know&quot;

Invocation Name

general quiz

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open general quiz
start game
the answer is one

Release Date

February 3rd 2017