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Multiplication Test


Or say "Alexa, enable Multiplication Test"

Multiplication Test lets you practice your multiplication tables by number, or by a random test of 20 mixed questions. You will be both scored and timed!

With Multiplication Test, you can improve your multiplication and try to get faster each time!<br/><br/>You can either choose to be tested on a specific multiplication table, or to have a random test of 20 mixed multiplication questions.<br/><br/>At the end of your test, you will be told how many questions you answered correctly, how many you answered incorrectly, as well as how long you took to complete the test!

Invocation Name

multiplication test

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Multiplication Test
Alexa, ask Multiplication Test to test me on the 9 times table
Alexa, ask Multiplication Test to give me a random test

Release Date

September 2nd 2017