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Multiplication Spot Quiz is a great tool to help practice multiplication and help make learning fun for everyone!

The &quot;Multiplication Spot Quiz&quot; may help adults and seniors to test multiplication skills by asking five basic questions, such as : what is &quot; 9 * 5&rdquo; thus providing good cognitive workout. <br/><br/>In case, if user unable to find the question they can say &quot;repeat&quot; to repeat the same question.<br/><br/>Spot Quizzes helps your brain by giving a good cognitive workout on a regular basis which may help reduce the risk for developing types of dementia, including Alzheimer's in seniors. As per research, mental stimulation helps to reduce forgetfulness, memory loss, and slowed reasoning or thinking skills in the elderly demographics.<br/> <br/>You may also want to enable similar 'Spot Quiz' skills, viz.<br/>1) Addition Spot Quiz<br/>2) Subtraction Spot Quiz<br/>3) Division Spot Quiz<br/> <br/> <br/>For suggestions and feedback, please reach us at

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September 5th 2017