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Or say "Alexa, enable Multiples"

Multiples is a multiplication quiz game. You are asked 5 multiplication questions. The levels range from 1x1 up to 100x100 depending on the level you set.

Multiples will ask you 5 random multiplication questions from 1x1 to 100x100 depending on your level and checks the answer. It is a great way to either learn the times tables, or test your skills. Also a good brain exercise. If your basic tables is too easy, just tell multiples what level you want. Level one is 1x1 to 12x12. Level 2 is 1x1 to 20x20, Level 3 is 1x1 to 30x30, and so on until level 10 which is 1x1 to 100x100.

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Interaction Examples

Alexa open multiples
the answer is 42
new game on level 3

Release Date

May 10th 2016