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This Alexa skill tells you the stock price, market cap, news, most active, most gaining stocks, and most losing stocks.

ABOUT MR STOCK<br/>This Alexa skill tells you the stock price, market cap of a company, news about a company, stock market news, most active stocks, most gainers and most losers. You can either say the full name of the company like &quot;Internal Business Machines&quot;, or stock symbol like &quot;IBM&quot; to reference a stock. <br/><br/>PHRASES:<br/>You can say &quot;Help&quot; at any time to get the help menu. To ask stock price: Say &quot;What is the price of Intel&quot;, and replace Intel with the company stock ticker or company name you want such as &quot;Google&quot;, &quot;Microsoft&quot;. <br/>To ask for market cap of company: Say &quot;What is the market cap of Intel&quot;<br/>To ask for news about a company: Say &quot; News about Intel&quot;. <br/>To ask for stock market news: Say &quot;What is the latest market news&quot;. <br/>To ask for most active stocks: Say &quot;Most active&quot;<br/>To ask for most gainers: Say&quot; Most gainers&quot;<br/>To ask for most losers: Say &quot;Most losers&quot;<br/>To ask for help: Say &quot;Help&quot;

Invocation Name

mister stock

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Mister Stock
Alexa, ask Mister Stock what is the price of Tesla
Alexa, ask Mister Stock for most gainer stocks

Release Date

October 24th 2017