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Mr. Bartender

advanced mixology

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Or say "Alexa, enable Mr. Bartender"

Mr. Bartender is the perfect skill to help you entertain your guests with mind-blowing cocktail recipes.

This skill will make your cocktails more fun. <br/><br/>You can use the skill to make the most popular cocktails from all over the world or you can just tell Alexa the ingredients you have handy to get a list of cocktails which you can make with those ingredients.<br/><br/>With access to award winning recipes from the top bartenders from around the world you can be sure that the next time you have guests at home, you can impress them with a classy cocktail .<br/><br/>Try it out now -<br/><br/>Alexa, ask mister bartender how to make a negroni<br/><br/>What's in a moscow mule?<br/><br/>What can I make with a vodka and red bull?<br/><br/>How do I make a daiquiri?<br/><br/>and lots more....

Invocation Name

mister bartender

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask mister bartender whats in a negroni
What can I make with champagne and lemon juice
whats in a manhattan

Release Date

April 4th 2017