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MovieBot converses about new and forthcoming movies and can also answer questions about plot, ratings, cast, and director. It’s a fun way to explore IMDb data!

MovieBot converses with you about new and forthcoming movies. To get the conversation started, Moviebot asks you a question or tells you about a popular movie from IMDb. You can ask what the movie is about, who stars in it, who directed it, its duration, rating, and more. You can also learn more about actors and directors that come up in conversation: what other movies they have worked on, biographical data, and notable trivia. Once you’ve learned enough about one movie, you can change the topic by asking about a different actor or movie. Stay in the know about new movies and find out what’s good before your next trip to the theater. It’s a fun way to explore IMDb’s data!

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movie bot

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Movie Bot
Who directed Inception?
What else has she directed?

Release Date

November 18th 2016