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Movie Info

David Flannery

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Or say "Alexa, enable Movie Info"

Gets movie details by searching based on title

User starts with "open movie info" after which Alexa prompts for a movie title. The title is searched on Up to 4 matching titles are found and listed by title and year. Then movie info asks if you want details (description, actors, directors) for each movie in turn. Errors searching theMovieDB result in "I had a problem with" <title>.. You can ask for help or say "repeat". Or you can say "new movie" to restart searching another title. You can say stop or goodbye to end the skill.

Invocation Name

movie info

Interaction Examples

alexa, ask movie info about the magnificent seven
alexa, ask movie info for information on high noon
alexa, open movie info

Release Date

February 8th 2016