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Giovanni Alanis

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Movie Helper is here to help you find information on any movie or favorite actor!

Movie Helper offers you the choice of finding popular movies, upcoming movies, current movies in theaters, ratings, an overview of a movie, and information on any of your favorite actors. <br/><br/>Try saying &quot;Tell me more info about the movie Transformers&quot;, &quot;What are the ratings for SpiderMan?&quot;, &quot;Who is Tom Cruise?&quot;, &quot;Popular Movies&quot;, &quot;Which movies are coming out?&quot;, &quot;What movies are playing right now?&quot;

Invocation Name

movie helper

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask movie helper to tell me more about the movie Transformers
What is the movie SpiderMan about?
What good movies are out?

Release Date

July 20th 2017