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Discover movies tailored to your taste

We are huge movie lovers and we always wanted a way to discover the right movie at the right moment. This is what Movie Genius is all about; set your movie genre preference (e.g. &quot;find me a Comedy&quot;) and get a list of great movies that match these criteria.<br/><br/>If you want more information for a movie the genius is suggesting, just ask by saying &quot;rating&quot; for example. For another movie matching these criteria, say &quot;next&quot;. All the information about a movie is also available as a card in the Alexa app.<br/><br/>Have in mind that each time you search for a movie genre, new results will be returned. This means that asking for a &quot;comedy&quot; again and again will give you new results each time!<br/><br/>Some possible genres that you can ask for: comedy, mystery, thriller, action, adventure, romance, animation, crime, western, musical<br/>biography, horror, documentary.<br/><br/>Example usage:<br/>- open movie genie<br/>- find me a comedy<br/>- next<br/>- plot<br/>- rating<br/>- next<br/>- cancel

Invocation Name

movie genius

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open movie genius
Alexa, tell movie genius i want a comedy
Alexa, ask movie genius a mystery

Release Date

November 22nd 2016