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Mosaic lets you do more things with Alexa by chatting with your smart devices and digital services on Echo, Facebook Messenger, Slack and SMS.

Mosaic lets you do more things with your Alexa easily, from controlling Tesla, asking for commute, to triggering complex workflows of many things. Mosaic supports Google Calendar, Fitbit, Nest, Philips Hue, Lifx, Jawbone, Withings, Automatic, Tesla, Rachio, Weather and Commute, with many more to come. Immediately enjoy predefined Mosaic workflows or customize your own with the devices and services you love. Whether it’s Good Morning, Chill out, or I am home - easily control your life with one simple command. All these functionalities are also available by typing to Mosaic’s Chatbot on Facebook Messengers, Slack, and SMS. When talking is not convenient, typing also gets things done! To get started, First, enable the Mosaic Skill. Second, create a Mosaic account at Finally, just link your favorite devices and services and start enjoying our pre-defined Mosaic workflows or create your own. A few popular commands from existing Mosaic users: “Ask Mosaic to change the color to blue” “Ask Mosaic to lock up Tesla” “Ask Mosaic for calendar summary” “Ask Mosaic to warm up the house” “Ask Mosaic for Good morning” More commands? “Ask Mosaic to list commands” Want to know more about the cool experiment inside Mosaic? Visit us at

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Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Mosaic for tesla battery level
Alexa, ask Mosaic for good morning
Alexa, ask Mosaic to change color to blue

Release Date

February 29th 2016