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Mortgage Calculator


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Or say "Alexa, enable Mortgage Calculator"

Just provide the mortgage principal amount, mortgage period in years, and interest rate, and Alexa will tell you the monthly payment.

You can use mortgage calculator to calculate the monthly principal and interest payment based on provided criteria. After you launch the skill, Alexa will prompt you for the principal amount of the mortgage, the mortgage period in years, and the interest rate. Alexa will return the monthly principal and interest payment. You should tell Alexa the mortgage principal and mortgage period as whole numbers. You can tell Alexa the interest rate as a whole number, or as a decimal in the form "six point five." To begin the calculation, say "Alexa, launch Mortgage Calculator."

Invocation Name

mortgage calculator

Interaction Examples

Alexa, launch Mortgage Calculator.
Alexa, open Mortgage Calculator.
Alexa, start Mortgage Calculator

Release Date

June 17th 2016