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Or say "Alexa, enable MoreScreenTime"

Give your child more screen time only if they've done their chores

Screen time is the preferred currency for kids. Rather than pestering the parents let Alexa handle seeing if they've done their chores. Either the parent or the child can ask Alexa for &quot;more screen time&quot;. <br/>They will be asked about a set of chores based on the time and day. If a chore doesn't apply to your house just say &quot;don't have to&quot; when asked about the chore and Alexa will not ask about that chore again.<br/>If the child has done all their chores they get more screen time, otherwise they don't. And you the parent aren't the bad guy!

Invocation Name

more screen time

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask more screen time
Alexa open more screen time

Release Date

September 4th 2017