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Moodo - The smart home fragrance box

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Transform your mood with Moodo-innovative smart home fragrance device.Become a scent-DJ! Mix your favorite scents and shuffle between perfumer-developed presets

Your environment is what you make it &ndash; you already choose your favorite lighting, decor and music - now you can control fragrance and mood as well!<br/>Moodo is the world's smartest home fragrance machine.<br/>Moodo enables you to change the ambiance instantly using a smartphone app or smart home hub.<br/>Use the Moodo skill to control the intensity of each of the four fragrance capsules inside the machine and explore the possibilities. Set it so you wake up to a citrus-filled kitchen on sweet weekend mornings, or take over as scent-DJ and switch up the mood in seconds. Don't forget to set it to get romantic when the kids go to sleep. It's all up to you (and your nose!).<br/>Moodo presents a whole new paradigm in the home fragrance world with its fragrance mixing and shuffle features, combined with premium home fragrances.<br/>Moodo was developed using cutting-edge Smart-Home technologies and as such is positioned in the front line of connected home devices.<br/>To use Moodo skill you need:<br/>&#10032; A Moodo Device<br/>&#10032; Moodo Fragrance Capsules<br/>&#10032; Access to a wireless network<br/>&#10032; Source of electric power (for charging the battery periodically)<br/>&#10032; You must download the Moodo app to your IPhone (from iOS 9) or Android smartphone (from Android 5) and complete the initial set up process (to connect Moodo to your local Wi-Fi network)<br/>With the skill you can:<br/>&#10032; control the Moodo device and adjust the aroma release level from its fragrance-capsules: open Moodo, start Moodo, stop Moodo <br/>&#10032; Browse &amp; explore Moodo's perfumer-developed preset mixtures<br/>&#10032; Use Moodo's shuffle feature to switch between preset mixtures every 15 minutes

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August 24th 2017