MoodSwing - Alexa Skill



Or say "Alexa, enable MoodSwing"

This is a skill that lets you ask Twitter how it feels about any topic and it will reply with the average mood of Tweets from the past week.

Have you ever wondered how the general population feels about any given topic? Wonder no longer. This skill finds out how Twitter feels about any topic you specify. It will tell you how Twitter felt last week, yesterday, and today on the topic.<br/><br/>We use state of the art machine learning text sentiment analysis to asses whether the Tweets are in general positive or negative. 50 of the most popular Tweets are gathered for each time period for the analysis.<br/><br/>Thanks for checking this out!<br/><br/> [This skill is not in any way officially affiliated with Twitter Inc.]<br/><br/>

Invocation Name

mood swing

Interaction Examples

Alexa, start mood swing
Alexa, launch mood swing
Alexa, open mood swing

Release Date

June 29th 2017