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Monty Hall Game

Tony Mannino

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Or say "Alexa, enable Monty Hall Game"

Monty Hall probability problem game!

This is a game version of the classic Monty Hall probability problem! Will you win a car or be stuck with a goat? There's only one way to find out!<br /><br />To start a game, open 'Monty Hall' and wait for Alexa's response.<br /> <br />This follows the same basic game principle as the classic statics problem. The game goes as follows: <br />The player selects a door.<br />The host selects a different door and opens it.<br />The host gives the player the option of switching from her original choice to the remaining closed door.<br />The door finally selected by the player is opened and she either wins or loses.<br /><br />Will you keep your door and test your luck at that other door? Or risk the consequence of being stuck with a goat! <br /><br />**DISCLAIMER** <br />No actual goats were harmed in the making of this skill.<br />No actual cars can be won while playing this game. <br />This was strictly a learning experience to develop my own Amazon Alexa skill,

Invocation Name

monty hall

Interaction Examples

Alexa open Monty Hall
Alexa play Monty Hall
Alexa launch Monty Hall

Release Date

February 16th 2017