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Montréal Métro Status


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Or say "Alexa, enable Montréal Métro Status"

Ask Alexa about the status of the Montréal Métro

Alexa can now also tell you the status of the Montr&eacute;al M&eacute;tro!<br/><br/>Just ask Alexa and you'll get up to the minute information on the Montr&eacute;al M&eacute;tro's blue, orange, yellow and green line.<br/><br/>Be aware, that this skill is not assuming any responsability regarding the correctness of the information. This skill is not provided by the STM or it's partners but by a third party.

Invocation Name

montreal metro status

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Montreal Metro Status about the orange line
Alexa, launch Montreal Metro Status

Release Date

August 20th 2017