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Montage Sounds

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Or say "Alexa, enable Montage Sounds"

Tired of Alexa being a little too boring? Say hello to the montage sound generator! Simply say open montage sounds and prepare for some fun! Warning LOUD!!

Say open montage sounds followed by the montage sound you would like to hear.<br/>For example : Alexa ask montage sounds for Sanic.<br/><br/>Then once it is done you can ask what sounds are available or random.<br/><br/>Stopping in the middle of a sound: *Warning some sounds can be very annoying and loud!*<br/>Simply say &quot;Alexa stop&quot; in the middle of a sound and the sound generator will stop.<br/><br/>For extra help Say Help To exit say exit.<br/><br/>List of Sounds :<br/>Sanic<br/>Damn Son<br/>Illuminati confirmed<br/>Sad airhorn<br/>Oh baby a triple<br/>OMG<br/>Dankstorm<br/>Mom get the camera<br/>Wombo Combo<br/><br/>If you like this app, please rate 5 stars and comment what sound effect you'd like to be included in the app!

Invocation Name

montage sounds

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open montage sounds
Alexa, ask montage sounds to give me a list of sounds
Illuminati confirmed

Release Date

December 4th 2017