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Moblor Inc.

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Moblor is a app to connect Amazon Echo with Salesforce

Moblor adds AI to Salesforce. With the Moblor skill, you ask Alexa what's happening in your Salesforce without having to open your computer or pick up your phone. It's the true convenience of getting to know things by just asking. In order to use the Moblor skill, you will need to install our AppExchange app to your Salesforce org. You can find the app by searching "Moblor" at Disclaimer: this skill might be suitable for all ages.

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Moblor how many open opportunities do I have
Alexa, ask Moblor how many cases did my team close yesterday
Alexa, ask Moblor how many leads do I need to qualify today

Release Date

August 5th 2016