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Or say "Alexa, enable Mix&Match"

Find out what mixed drinks can be made with an ingredient. Useful for providing a wide variety of drink choices.

Ever have a mixer and wonder what it could be used to make? Mix&Match provides an intuitive and easy way to find out what drinks can be made from a provided ingredient. Useful for trying to coming up with new and wonderful mixes on the fly! Instructions: Simply say: "Alexa, ask mix match what I can make with [ingredient]" The name of a drink made with that ingredient will be returned. Alexa consults a wide range of possible drinks and tries to return an eclectic variety!

Invocation Name

mix match

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask mix match what i can make with gin
Alexa ask mix match vodka
Alexa ask mix match what does bourbon make

Release Date

December 29th 2016