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Minnesota Meals



Or say "Alexa, enable Minnesota Meals"

If you were in Minnesota, what would you make for supper? Now you can ask Alexa, and remove the guesswork!

Imagine yourself in the great state of Minnesota. You are very hungry after your trip up north and don't want to have to think about what to make for dinner. This skill is your lifesaver.<br/><br/>To enable the skill: Say &quot;Alexa, enable Minnesota Meals&quot; or search for &quot;Minnesota Meals&quot; in the Alexa mobile app or at Amazon.com. Click the enable button on the Minnesota Meals skills page.<br/><br/>To get started: Say &quot;Alexa, ask Minnesota Meals what's for supper?&quot; or &quot;Alexa, ask Minnesota Meals what to make?&quot;<br/><br/>Now you can eat in style, like a true Minnesotan would!

Invocation Name

minnesota meals

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Minnesota Meals what should I have?
What should I make?
What should I cook?

Release Date

June 6th 2017