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Minecraft Server List (Unofficial)

Iron Raptor Digital

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Or say "Alexa, enable Minecraft Server List (Unofficial)"

An unofficial Minecraft server list that will tell you a random server based on a preference you tell it.

Looking for a new server for yourself or with your friends? Find a server by telling Minecraft Server List what type of server you like to play on.<br/><br/>Features<br/>- Specify a server type you want to play on or simply say random to get any server.<br/>- Short descriptions are allowed so owners can describe their server.<br/>- Other server tags will be read to see if the server fits your preferences.<br/>- Server address is read and spelt to try to eliminate confusion.<br/>- Server is queried if server owner provides a port for it and players online are read.<br/><br/>Example Commands (start with &ldquo;Alexa, ask server list&hellip;&rdquo;)<br/>- tell me a survival server<br/>- give me a pvp server<br/>- for a prison server<br/>- server with ranks<br/>- skyblock<br/><br/>FAQ<br/><br/>How do I add my server to the list?<br/>* Visit https://goo.gl/forms/w6N4AfjoxltMZiK03 and fill out the form to add your server. You can visit it again to update or make changes as needed.<br/><br/>How long until my server is used in a response?<br/>* Currently this is a manual process so it may take a day or two for your server to be in the list of responses.<br/><br/>I don&rsquo;t understand the server address that is being read back.<br/>* If you can&rsquo;t understand Alexa&rsquo;s pronunciation of the server address, check your alexa app on your phone to see what the response is and you&rsquo;ll be able to read the address.<br/>You can also visit https://alexa.amazon.com/spa/index.html#settings/dialogs to see what&rsquo;s said by Alexa.<br/><br/>I keep getting the same server for a specific tag.<br/>* We will preload the list as much as we can but some tags may only have one or only a few servers. As more people submit servers this list will grow.<br/><br/>I tried connecting to a server but it is offline.<br/>* We keep track of servers that fail the query check and will remove as needed. If you&rsquo;ve gotten the same offline server a few times across several days let us know and we&rsquo;ll investigate.<br/><br/>I want to add a tag to my server that you don&rsquo;t have on the form.<br/>* We allow a freeform tag to be added in case there&rsquo;s a game mode we haven&rsquo;t thought of or seen. If it&rsquo;s popular enough we&rsquo;ll add it to the form list.<br/><br/>My server name or address is being pronounced wrong.<br/>* If you&rsquo;ve followed all the suggestions on the google form, shoot us an email (IronRaptorDigital@gmail.com) and we will run it through Alexa&rsquo;s voice simulator and adjust it where necessary.<br/><br/>Why use this skill over just browsing a website server list?<br/>* The only real advantages are the complete randomness of the results and you&rsquo;re not influenced by a flashy banner. Otherwise this is just another way to find other minecraft servers out there. Why not both?<br/><br/>Change Log<br/><br/>August 31, 2017<br/>- Added tag suggestions with the help message.<br/>- Added UK language support.<br/>- Lots of intent synonyms and other ways to get a random server.<br/>- Tag suggestion when tag isn&rsquo;t found and when server is read.<br/><br/>Add/Edit your server via the following google form:<br/>https://goo.gl/forms/w6N4AfjoxltMZiK03<br/><br/>* Not affiliated with Mojang or Microsoft.

Invocation Name

server list

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open server list
Alexa, ask server list for a random server
Alexa, ask server list for a survival server

Release Date

August 29th 2017