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US State facts for all 50 states

Created by a father and daughter team, this skill is a great way to learn and practice a variety of facts about US states. We started with the states and capitals to help her study for her 4th grade states &amp; capitals quiz, and it was so much fun that we kept adding more facts!! She did all of the research, and she even wrote most of the code. We hope you have as much fun using it as we did creating it!<br/><br/>Here are the types of facts you can ask about:<br/>State Capital<br/>State Flower<br/>State Motto<br/>State Bird<br/>State Grass<br/>State Rose<br/>State Rock<br/>State Nickname<br/>State Abbreviation<br/>Coordinates<br/>Timezone<br/>Latitude<br/>Longitude<br/>Region<br/>Population<br/>Governor<br/>Lt. Governor<br/>What do you call someone from the state<br/>Date the state joined the union<br/>Order in which the state was admitted<br/>Territory the state originally belonged to<br/>What is next to the state<br/>--You can even say &quot;I'd like a random state fact&quot; and see what Alexa offers up!<br/><br/>Provided by Mindful Gaming, Inc. (c) 2017

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Alexa ask Mindful States for the capital of Iowa
Alexa ask Mindful States what was the 8th state to become a state
Alexa ask Mindful States what do you call people who live in kentucky

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September 4th 2017