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Mind Sherpa: Explorer through Design Thinking



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Immerse yourself in the Design Thinking process to help you innovate ideas and solutions. Let the Mind Sherpa take you down the path of empathy, ideation.

Design Thinking is a way to solve impossibly complex problems or innovate solutions. Exploring the process helps to think about the issues differently. <br/><br/>This skill, like a Mind Sherpa, will take you through an exploration of the theories and questions you should ask yourself. You will climb the mountain to see new solutions from the top. You will return to the base camp many times before you reach the peak. <br/><br/>A scientific term for the kind of problems that require this kind of approach is a &quot;wicked problem&quot;. Wicked problem is typically associated with human behaviors, difficult to describe, and impossible to solve completely. Such problems are often unique. Immerse yourself in a thinking process that will help you to find a path toward a new idea.<br/><br/>The Mind Sherpa will take care of you.<br/><br/>Credits:<br/>IBM Design Thinking<br/>https://www.ibm.com/design/thinking/<br/><br/>Stanford d.school Guide<br/>https://dschool-old.stanford.edu/

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April 21st 2017