Milagrow Aguabot - Alexa Skill

Milagrow Aguabot


Or say "Alexa, enable Milagrow Aguabot"

Use your voice to control your Aguabot. To get started just say, 'Alexa Ask Agua Bot for Help'. and checkout the card sent to your Alexa for detailed info.

This skill is designed to let you control your robotics vacuum cleaner and also ask various information related to the product and in case of need for help, you can ask directly for help.<br/>To use this skill, first please read the User Manual of your product and set up the device as per the instructions with internet connectivity and complete the initial registration of your product to get started.<br/>Please use the link below to get more info on the product:<br/><br/><br/>Some things to say:<br/><br/>Alexa, ask Agua Bot to start cleaning.<br/>Alexa, ask Agua Bot to power on.<br/>Alexa, ask Agua Bot to spot clean.<br/>Alexa, ask Agua Bot for help.<br/>Alexa, ask Agua Bot to call for assistance.<br/>Alexa, ask Agua Bot to create hotspot.<br/>Alexa, ask Agua Bot what is the battery capacity of this product.<br/>Alexa, ask Agua Bot How do I reach Milagrow.<br/>Alexa, ask Agua Bot How do I contact Milagrow.<br/><br/>Also, please check out the cards sent to your Alexa app for detailed info.<br/><br/>If this skill is not responding properly, please make sure that the environment is not noisy. If the problem persists please contact us and we will address the issue immediately.<br/>

Invocation Name

agua bot

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Agua Bot to start cleaning
Alexa, ask Agua Bot for help
Alexa, ask Agua Bot to create hotspot

Release Date

June 29th 2017