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Control your Mijia devices with Alexa. <br/>To get started, &quot;Enable Skill&quot; in Alexa, and link your Xiaomi account and discover your devices.<br/>Use your device name to identify your device, you can change it in Mijia app.<br/>Supported Devices: zhimi airpurifier v1/v2/pro, zhimi humidity, zhimi fan.<br/>Supported Actions: turn on, turn off, set percentage<br/>for air purifierf: set percentage will set to favorite mode and set your fan speed to the specific percent<br/>for fan: will set speed to the specific percent<br/>for humidity: will set mode to low/medium/high according to the percent you set.<br/><br/>Note: only supports international users, if you have used Chinese Mainland server, please switch to Singapore server (this operation require resetting your devices and re-connecting them).

Invocation Name

Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on air purifier
Alexa, turn off bedroom fan
Alexa, set bedroom fan speed to 50 percent

Release Date

April 18th 2017