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Control your Mi devices with Alexa. <br/><br/>Note: only supports U.S. users, please switch to U.S. server in Mi Home app (this operation requires resetting your devices and re-connecting them). You can use another Mi skill if you have devices connected to Singapore server.<br/><br/>To get started, &quot;Enable Skill&quot; in Alexa, link your Mi account and discover your devices.<br/>Use the device name to identify your device, you can change it in the Mi Home app.<br/>Supported Devices: Mi Air Purifier v1/v2/pro, Mi Humidifier, Mi fan, Yeelight light bulbs, Mi Desk Lamp, Philips light.<br/>Supported Actions: turn on, turn off, set percentage, set color, set color temperature.<br/>For air purifier: set percentage will switch to Favorite mode and set your fan speed to the specific percentage.<br/>For fan: will set speed to the specific percentage.<br/>For humidifier: will adjust its mode to low/medium/high according to the percentage you set.<br/>For light bulbs and lamps: set percentage will control the brightness; use Set Color and Set Color Temperature if the device supports the action.

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on air purifier
Alexa, turn off bedroom fan
Alexa, set bedroom fan speed to 50 percent

Release Date

June 28th 2017